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Best seat in the house!

The ‘little girls or boys room’ in our cottage is just that. Little. It’s also the only one we have and it’s located downstairs – no en-suite or such luxury in our little home! It was a mess when I moved in, much like the rest of the cottage. Originally, I painted the walls a dark grey but about two years ago, I hung a Designer Guild wallpaper, which everyone seems to love and it really has transformed the bathroom into a beautiful space. You may be not be surprised to learn that it’s floral but it does have a white background! “White?” I hear you ask. Yes, white, but in my now signature style, the ceiling and woodwork are painted black, ensuring the ambience remains vintage and moody. My shower curtain had previously been a flamenco-style affair from Anthropologie, but this has now been re-homed in the doorway of the utility room and hangs there instead of a door.

The Bathroom: Project
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