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Never stop dreaming

I decided many years ago that I just wasn’t a fan of wardrobe doors. I knew that I required a lot of wardrobe space, preferably wall-to-wall, and I didn’t like the idea of lots of wardrobe doors being the focal point in the room - so, I decided to use fabric panels to replace doors. I found and fell in love with Kate Forman’s ‘Roses’ design in another of my favourite shops - 'Papillion Interiors' in Llandeilo, which is owned by my friend Heidi Schoner - but I worried that the pink would be a buff too sugary for Martin. I opted instead for the ‘Roses’ pattern in sage. In my usual style, I wanted the room to feel ‘moody’ and glamorous but with a bit of an edge, so I chose a very dark, almost battleship green to paint the walls and ceilings with. It’s ‘Invisible Green’ by Little Greene and the floor is of course, painted black.  Personally, I wouldn't have the floor in any other colour and I love the 'boudoir' ambience it provides, but I need a huge amount of luck when I drop anything smaller than a 10p piece and need to find it again!

There is another Rebecca Leigh print on the wall, which I can't stop looking at and if you take my advice, that's precisely what art should do.  It should captivate you and draw you in and nothing less than that should suffice.  Her females depict a bygone era that suits my bedroom vibe perfectly.

My 'piece de resistance' however is the rather luxurious eiderdown that dresses the bed which is from Preen by Thornton Bregazzi.  This is my biggest extravagance in the bedroom, but my dressing table and floor lamp junk shop purchases, which I then upcycled,  allowed me to be a little naughty and I don't regret a thing. 

I believe that every bedroom needs a chandelier and this one is the ‘Amelia’ from Abigail Ahern.   I do also admit to strategically placing favourite items of clothing and accessories around the room to add to the ambience - in this case, my sparkly trousers by Pearl Lowe add a touch of the glamour I so often crave in each of my rooms.

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